What we offer

At New Paradigm Family Solutions we offer several different solutions to people with desire to improve their families structure so that every family member that chooses to be involved, can do so without interference.

We offer online courses through the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute.  This course is recommended for anyone interested in growing more as a participator in the family structure.  If this is of interest to you but you have questions, please ask by Clicking Here and we will respond with more details regarding your questions.

If you are ready to get started, Click Here to begin your enrollment in the 10 Week Online Course


Have you been or are you entangled in a high conflict divorce where you have an unexplained strained relationship with your children that was once whole and happy?  Have you tried to upgrade to a new more expensive attorney to only see results decline?  Do you often ask yourself if would be better for your children if you just gave up but you don’t have it in you to let go? If you related to some or all of these questions and you are prepared to take action and make positive change in the wellbeing of your family than personal coaching could be the right fit for you.


For people that need guidance from a professional  coach that is trained and specializes in helping people involved in High Conflict Divorce involving Pathogenetic Parenting then Click Here to learn more.


Our services are tailored to bring understanding and peace to families involved in High Conflict Divorces.  For many reasons the children often become the unseen victims of covert abuse.  The family court systems do not have the tools to detect when covert mental abuse is used on the children to fill the needs of a parent.  through the generations these traits often get passed on and the cycle is never broke.  It has been allowed to go undetected in our society and is now a hidden epidemic.  has watched our youth grow up